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So let's put few screenshots to see what it looks like.

Skill leveling up:
Skills can be leveled up by gaining skill points,
trough gaining levels and solving quests.

Charging up the Big Bang attack.

Just flying arount the map.

Some weapons have hidden skill wich can be
used by holding down the action button until the
bar charges to 100%.

četvrtak, 1. prosinca 2011.


For now there are 5 characters, 4 of them are in this picture and one is being finished as we speek.

From left to the right.

Cloud Strife

Yeah nothing original to say about him. Just another emo guy with buster sword on his back
His skills are well known to everyone who played or watched Final Fantasy series.
His role in this game is being an NPC. Wierd you say. Well let's say his program is messd up
and he doesn't follow what creators made him do. As he is made with all his characteristics and
with everything he was in FF series, he feels trapped in this world and is trying to find a way to
escape from it.


Another already made character by Square Enix that was seen in Kingdom Hearts.
She was also made as an NPC but durring encounter with main character, her given
 comand were erased and she gained a will of her own. She wields a keyblade and
is also trying to get free from that imaginary world.


Main character that causes an uproar in the RPG world.
His parrents were killed in the game by the Enforcer, right in front
of his eyes. He has sworn to hunt that enforcer down and destroy the RPG world.
After a year of training, he sets on a jurney to fulfil his goals.


Luke is a former enforcer that killed Ivcha's parrents. He meets Ivcha right in
the beggining and gives him a choice. That choice influences Ivcha's future
and depending on his choice, it helps or makes Ivcha's goal impossible.


Francess is a player in the game and by some wierd circustamces meets with Ivcha.
Her powers are unknown eaven to her, and as she struggles to get to know them,
she helps Ivcha on his jurney, not knowing what his goal is.


Hello to all bloggers who like to play games.

This blogg will be about a game made in RPG Maker XP.

I called the game  Reality Projected Game in short RPG.

I came up with the idea by talking to a friend about how
fun it would be if a simulator would be made so that we could
play Dragon Ball in real life and fight each other.

Few things about the game.

Reality Projected Game is an role playing game (funny how all those initials are RPG),
sort of like .Hack//G.U.

Difference is that RPG is a imaginary, fantasy world made on earth by
placing Reality Projectors on earth sort of like emmiters that made
something like a hollograms that changed the looks of affected area
so that it would look fantastic.

All players cn participate by having a certain RP item.
Those items contain players info, level, skills, class...
But they also have another use. To make a game more realistic,
RP items have an ability to drain players energy and affect players
body, so that when player gets beaten by the enemy, he gets weaker and numb
so that he can't fight in full power.

For now I am making a game as simple RPG for single player,
but when i finish it, and if there is interest in the game, I will make it as MMORPG.

I will post pictures and updates on the game, and would like to hear all opinions
on it.

Looking forward to hear all your toughts and ideas.

Also as i am working alone, if there is aneyone interested in helping let me know.

Cya soon     sirSLR